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Whether you need ongoing HR support, assistance with a specific project, or strategic insight on how to optimize your business from an HR perspective, our consultants are equipped to partner with you throughout the process. We will take a customized, results-based approach to each project with the success of your business in mind. Let us partner with you to resolve your HR needs, while contributing to the current objectives of your organization. Some of the areas where we can help are: 

  • Employee Handbooks:

    • A well written handbook will include all of your current policies and procedures, benefits, as well as, information to protect your business from liability. Most handbooks take approximately 2 weeks to create and are completely customized to your company’s needs.

  • Talent Acquisition:

    • Need assistance recruiting? We can find you the right person and save you time and money by putting them through the entire process – resume review, phone interview, scheduling onsite interviews, conducting references and sending out offer letters. Let us help you bring in the best talent for your organization.

  • Job Descriptions:

    • Are your job descriptions old and boring? We can help spice things up to attract the talent you need. Let us help you create the right job description for all roles across your organization.

  • Employee Files:

    • Are you properly maintaining your employee files? Are you in compliance? Need help getting yourself organized? Let us help.

  • Customized Documents:

    • We will review your current documents and offer recommendations or create new ones – from offer letters, performance improvement plans, one on one templates to onboarding and termination documents.

  • Overall Process:

    • Let us help you clearly define and implement processes for Recruiting, Onboarding, Performance Evaluations, Terminations, Payroll and Benefits.

If you are unsure of where you stand from an HR perspective, we can conduct a full audit and assist you with next steps.

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