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We have close to 20 years in the HR industry with experience at organizations such as Citrix, Yahoo!, LinkedIn, Cisco, as well as, small to medium sized and start up organizations. We offer on-site and remote consulting to help companies implement, organize, and/or restructure their HR departments in order to meet their business needs.

Small - Mid Sized Businesses

Our experience with a broad range of companies is what gives us a competitive edge. Our background ranges from restructuring the HR function to building and scaling at different sized companies. We provide expertise in a variety of services from recruiting and retention to policy implementation, record-keeping, compensation and benefits, employee handbook creation to training and development. Let us share our vision and experience with you. Call us for an exploratory meeting and we will conduct a free HR Audit to see where your organization stands and how we can provide structure and value.


We offer assistance for college students preparing to enter the workforce and professionals looking to re-enter the workforce, transition from one career to another, or simply looking for that next challenge. We will assist with identifying a career path, building a resume based off of educational and work experience, creating a cover letter, walking you through the application process, assistance with creating a LinkedIn profile, interview skills, negotiation skills and how to dress for success. Also, we will provide interview techniques and mock interviews either in person or via video conference. 

Are you ready to schedule an exploratory call? 

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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